Back in school

Just a real quick update. I’ve decided to take some continuing education courses at my old alma marter for advanced web development. Its an exciting and busy time now. I just recently finished the second section on actionscript and will be delving into the realm of php. More updates to come!


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Summer Slump

The month of July has been fairly moderate as far as work is going.  Its not lively and a heavy turnaround, but we have been doing some work. The two of us in our department sat down with our boss a couple of days ago and we handed a number of projects for the company. I’m happy that these things are being moved on considering they were talked about a few months ago. It’ll be great for August. I believe last year was fairly slow so we’ll be looking to do more work.

We also talked about outsourcing our services to others as a means of bringing more income in. It would be helpful, but I’m not sure if we’re ready. It just feels like we still don’t have everything together for our own agents so how could we handle that as well? Well that’s just my musings anyways. I’ll keep it posted.

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Multiple Downgrades

I must say, if you work in the real estate industry right now, good luck to you. Our office is experiencing another downgrade but luckily this time, no one will be let go (well for now). Most of the staff will now be in one sitting area, which isn’t too bad. We might feel like a can of sardines, but hey its a nice way to get to know each other. The other desginer and I are not sharing a desk and switching between working at the front of the office and where we currently are. Business is still going though so thats a good sign. We stay busy with promoting the listing sheets and website we’ve been building.

We have also been able to find a little bit of outside work. Here is a quick photo of a layout that we’re currently coding out. So far, it has only been designed using CSS and HTML coding with no image references as of yet.

We’re trying to work on more designs as well.  I’ll keep posting them as they come.  Until then!

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Its been a bit crazy the past couple of weeks! Its very interesting to be in a place where your job relies on what the housing market is doing currently. There have been a couple weeks here and there where it would be crazy busy and then the next, very little work to do. Which isn’t to say that is a bad thing. We’ve been able to organize ourselves a little better by that as well.

We also recently started doing outside work from some of the agents in our office (Yay!). Although the transition was a little sooner than expected, I’m sure we can manage. Right now, I’m a little more focused on trying to make sure we have all of the proper contracts and systems for this. The thing that we have to be careful about is our time management. We need to be able to do these projects as well as produce for our regular agents/clients on top of this. I’m sure we’ll get it down. I was searching around for more information about Time Management and I fount an article on the Basics of Time and Stress Management. It had some interesting points. Check it out if you’re interested.

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So I was looking into a few different things about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I stumbled upon this program, Web CEO. It has a free version as well as a couple of paid versions, but it seems as though it should help out in the search engines. I also ended up stumbling across this website that helps explain more about SEO and it even has a few tutorials about it.

Its a little challenging for me personally. I didn’t go to school to become a web developer, but I find it intriguing as I look more into it. Guess I was meant to be a techie! 🙂

On the downside, I wasn’t able to get tickets to see Stefan Sagmeister at the ICA. 😦

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Downgrade and Sagmeister

Just on a side note, the company I work for is downsizing.  We already had to let one person go.  A couple of others are looking for jobs while a few of us in the design department still keep on trucking.  I’m happy that we are still here all things considered.

On another note!  I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to catch Mike Mignola at the ICA yesterday.  I’m sure that it was a very cool lecture.  However!  I am determined not to miss Stefan Sagmeister at the end of the month.  I remember watching his commentary on the Helvetica documentary.  I’m interested in seeing what he will have to say.  Its April 25th at 6:30 PM at the ICA in Boston.

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Post #1

So I’ve finally motivated myself to make my own blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, especially since most of the time when I’m on the web, I’m looking through forums, tutorials or blogs.

As for a little bit about me, I graduated from college about two years ago now and was lucky enough to find work after graduation. Until November 2006, I was a freelancer with New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. in Brighton, MA. In November, I was able to obtain a full time position at RE/MAX Destiny in Cambridge, MA. I’m still currently working as a graphic designer with a couple of others. We have fun, but the busy season should be starting soon!

Until next time!

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